1967 Camaro Production Totals

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    Listed below are general numbers and statistics for the 1967 Camaro production. This list covers the base options such as body type, engine and transmission. For a more complete list of total production please refer to the RPO section for 1967.[br /]
    DescriptionPart/RPO #Total Produced
    Total 1967's12xxx220,906
    6 cyl Coupe1233753,523
    8 cyl Coupe124375,285
    6 cyl Convertible123675,285
    8 cyl Convertible1246719,856
    Engine cid
    230 cid 6 cylL2620643
    250 cid 6 cylL2238165
    302 cid 8 cylZ28602
    327 cid 210hp 8 cylLF7102,409
    327 cid 275hp 8 cylL3025,287
    350 cid 295hp 8 cylL4829,270
    396 cid 325hp 8 cylL354,003
    396 cid 350hp 8 cylL34*?????
    396 cid 375hp 8 cylL781,138
    *Note: Super Sport with 396cid, 350hp 4bbl V-8 engine. No production records indicating that the L34 was produced in 1967 but may have been available for one week during April of 1967. Several vehicles may have been produced during this time but none are confirmed to date with one possible vehicle currently being researched produced for the Pace Car program which does show the L34 engine stamp designation.Transmission
    3 speed manual HDM13681
    3 Speed manualM1548,506
    4 Speed manualM2045,806
    4 Speed Close RatioM21 (Z28, L78)1733
    Powerglide automaticM35122,727
    TH400 automaticM40 (L35)1,453

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