1967 Camaro Rpo Production Totals And Pricing

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    Listed below are the 1967 Camaro RPO Codes (Regular Production Option) ordering information including cost, description and total production for each option. The price that would appear on your vehicles invoice would include the suggested price plus the D&H amount.
    12337 (model)Base 2 door hardtop with 230cid 6cyl engine.$2,466.00.53,523
    12367 (model)Base 2 door convertible with 230cid 6cyl engine.$2,704.00.5,285
    12437 (model)Base 2 door coupe with 327cid 210hp 8cyl engine.$2,572.00.142,242
    12467 (model)Base 2 door convertible with 327cid 210hp 8cyl engine.$2,809.00.19,856
    AL4Strato-back full-width front bench seat with separate backrests and a fold-down center armrest.$25.00$1.356,583
    AL5Rear center deluxe seat belt. Two confirmed cars have been located to date with this option. None have pricing data. Appears as a J under group 5 of the trim tag.$?.??$?.??9
    AS1Standard front shoulder harness.$22.00$1.20477
    AS2Strato-Ease front seat head restraints.$50.00$2.702,342
    A01Soft Ray tinted glass, all windows.$29.00$1.5534,752
    A02Soft Ray tinted glass, windshield only.$20.00$1.1081,998
    A31Electric Windows.$95.00$5.104,957
    A39Deluxe front & rear seat belts.$6.00$.3551,247
    A67Folding rear seat.$30.00$1.6017,993
    A68Rear center standard seat belt. One confirmed car has been located to date with this option. No pricing data currently available. Appears as a J under group 5 of the trim tag.$?.??$?.??6
    A85Deluxe front shoulder harness.$25.00$.55894
    B37Color keyed front and rear floor mats.$10.00$.5523,747
    B93Door edge guards.$3.00$.2037,964
    C06Power convertible top.$50.00$2.7011,783
    C08Vinyl roof cover.$70.00$3.7552,455
    C48Heater and defroster credit.-$30.00-$1.702,201
    C50Rear window defroster$20.00$1.107,031
    C60Four-Season air conditioning, includes 61 amp alternator, HD radiator and temp controlled fan.$338.00$18.0028,226
    D33Left outside remote control mirror.$9.00$.508,630
    D55Console with floor mounted shifter, storage compartment, rear seat ashtray and courtesy loght.$45.00$2.40129,477
    D91Front end paint stripe (bumble bee stripe), entered production March, 1967.$14.00$.7524,370
    F41Special purpose front & rear suspension.$10.00$.555,968
    G80Positraction rear axle.$40.00$2.1531,792
    G943.31:1 Rear gear ratio.$2.00$.151,177
    G963.55:1 Rear gear ratio.$2.00$.156,322
    G972.73:1 Rear gear ratio.$2.00$.15539
    H013.07:1 Rear gear ratio.$2.00$.15560
    H053.73:1 Rear gear ratio.$2.00$.152,281
    J50Power assisted brakes.$40.00$2.1524,549
    J52Front disc brakes with rear drum brakes. Includes rally wheels.$75.00$4.0014,899
    J56Heavy duty brakes, front disc with heat insulators on caliper pistons and rear metallic drum shoes.$100.00$5.35205
    J65Front and rear drum with metallic linings.$35.00$1.901,217
    K02Temperature controlled fan.$15.00$.802,375
    K19Air Injector Reactor (AIR, smog pump).$42.50$2.2534,096
    K24Engine, Closed positive ventilation (PCV).$5.00$.2534,503
    K30Speed and cruise control, Cruise-Master.$47.50$2.55305
    K7661-amp Delcotron generator, w/o AC.$20.00$1.10136
    K7942-amp Delcotron generator.$10.00$.55362
    LF7Base V8 engine, 327cid, 210hp, 2bbl V-8 .$0.00$0.00102,409
    L22Optional engine, 250cid, 155hp Turbo-Thrift I6.$25.00$1.3538,165
    L26Base I6 engine, 230cid, 140hp I6.$0.00$0.0020,643
    L30Optional engine, 327cid, 275hp 4bbl Turbo-Fire V-8$88.00$4.7025,287
    L34Super Sport with 396cid, 350hp 4bbl V-8 engine. No production records indicating that the L34 was produced in 1967 but may have been available for one week only. Several vehicles may have been produced during this time but none are confirmed to date.$x.xx$x.xx???
    L35Super Sport with 396cid, 325hp 4bbl V-8 engine.$250.00$13.304,003
    L48Super Sport with base 350cid, 295hp 4bbl V-8 engine.$200.00$10.6529,270
    L78Super Sport, 396cid, 375hp 4bbl Turbo-Jet V-8 engine.$475.00$25.301,138
    M11Shift lever, floor mounted. Included with M13, M20, M21 and M22.$10.00$.5512,051
    M13HD 3-speed manual transmission.$75.00$4.00681
    M15Standard 3-speed manual transmission.$0.00$0.0048,506
    M204-speed manual wide ratio transmission.$175.00$9.3545,806
    M214-speed manual close ratio transmission.$175.00$9.351,733
    M35Powerglide 2-speed automatic transmission, price with L6 engine.$175.00$9.35122,727
    . Powerglide 2-speed automatic transmission, price with V8 engine.$185.00$9.85.
    M40Turbo Hydra-Matic 400 3- speed automatic transmission - requires L34 or L35$215.00$11.451,453
    N10Dual exhaust system.$20.00$1.106,722
    N61Exhaust system, dual with deep tone mufflers. No cost option on 67 SS and Z28.$20.00$1.1013,748
    N30Deluxe steering wheel with horn tabs. (Commonly refered to as the Impala wheel, included on all Speedway produced Camaros for the Indianapolis 500 for 1967.)$7.00$.4030,967
    .Deluxe wheel when ordered with RPO Z87.$4.00$.25.
    N33Tilt steering column.$40.00$2.157,980
    N34Sports-styled steering wheel with special horn button and walnut-grained rim.$30.00$1.608,065
    N40Power steering.$80.00$4.3092,181
    N44Special steering, quick ratio.$15.00$.806,155
    N96Mag style wheel covers, type A.$70.00$3.756,330
    PQ27.35x14 2-ply nylon white stripe tires.$50.00$2.0010,913
    PW6D70-14 PR 2-ply nylon red stripe tires: includes P12 6-inch wheels, included when SS is ordered.$60.00$2.508,330
    P01Bright full metal wheel covers.$20.00$1.10137,163
    P02Simulated wire wheel covers.$70.00$3.756,577
    P1214x6 JK wheel equipment for 8.25x14 tires, included with SS.$5.00$.303,667
    P587.35-14-4 PR two-ply whitewall tires.$30.00$1.35138,998
    T60Heavy duty battery.$7.00$.407,964
    U03Tri-Volume horn.$13.00$.701,580
    U15Speed warning indicator.$10.00$.553,698
    U17Special instrumentation, includes amp, temp, oil pressure, fuel, clock and tachometer.$75.00$4.0027,078
    U25Luggage compartment light.$2.50$.1524,787
    U26Underhood light.$2.50$.1522,965
    U27Glove box light.$2.50$.1511,032
    U28Front Ash tray light.$1.50$.1025,538
    U29Underdash courtesy lights.$4.00$.2523,691
    U35Electric clock, requiress RPO D55 console.$15.00$.8013,185
    U57Stereo tape system with four speakers$122.00$6.502,746
    U63AM pushbutton radio with front telescoping antenna.$54.50$2.90174,021
    U69AM-FM pushbutton with front fixed-height antenna.$127.00$6.806,232
    U73Manual rear extendable antenna, not available with RPO U69 AM-FM radio.$9.00$.5032,223
    U80Rear seat speaker.$12.50$.7027,701
    V01Heavy duty radiator.$10.00$.556,190
    V31Front bumper guards.$12.00$.6535,154
    V32Rear bumper guards.$9.00$.5035,029
    Z21Exterior Style Trim Group including bright wheel opening moldings, bright drip moldings (coupe), fender pinstriping, black lower body sill. *Coupe Price$38.00$2.0579,016
    Exterior Style Trim Group including bright wheel opening moldings, fender pinstriping, black body sill, headlight bezel accents. *Convertible Price$28.00$1.50
    Z22Rally Sport Package including Z21 option plus full width grill with concealed headlights, bright lower body side moldings, RS grille emblem (or SS when options combined), parking/turn signal lights located below front bumper, reverse lights located below bumper in rear.$100.00$5.3564,842
    Z23Special Interior including bright pedal trim, and other accents. See Z87 table for details. *Coupe Price$10.00$.5575,648
    .Special Interior including bright pedal trim, and other accents. See Z87 table for details. *Convertible Price$5.50$.30
    Z28BASpecial performance package, with 302 V8.$340.00$18.10602
    Z28BBSpecial performance package, with 302 V8, with air plenum.$415.00$22.10.
    Z28BCSpecial performance package, with 302 V8, exhaust headers..$740.00$39.40.
    Z28BDSpecial performance package, with 302 V8, exhaust headers and air plenum.$815.00$43.40.
    Z87Custom Interior Package including seat trim, molded door panels with built-in armrests, pull-type door opening handles, carpeted lower door panel, glove compartment light, hood insulation.$90.00$4.8069,103
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